My first ever experience of an RPM Déjà Vu Motorsport event and it was epic!
Exceptional cars over every era of rallying represented across a weekend which raised funds for the Maguire & McDonald families.
When the legendary Plum Tyndall called me in January and asked me to be part of it, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.
The event was run impeccably and the sun shone on everyone. Huge thank yous to all the wonderful people behind the scenes making it all happen. A midday pit stop at Donagh Kelly’s wonderful ‘The stables’ motorsport museum was a definite highlight.
It was a delight to see friends of old and meet many new ones along the way.
To see Will Creighton behind the wheel of a slightly older car than usual was great, Eamonn Kelly in the fabulous Richard Burns Subaru Legacy, Matthew Wilson back behind the wheel and Aaron Johnston piloting his own Toyota Starlet (on brand!) and of course, the legend that is ‘The professor’ Rauno Aaltonen
Hosting the gala dinner for 350 people Saturday night was joyful & busy! 😄 Lots of money raised for the families, which was the reason we were there.
Thanks Plum for the invite! I hope it’s not the last🙏🏻🙌🏻